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Ontario Valve Repair Service Limited
Our current facility has 16,500 square feet and we have over 4,000 tons of valves stored at our three acre yard.

We offer sales and repairs as well as customization of valves. We are TSSA Certified to repair, test & certify safety relief valves.
Safety Valves TSSA QA 02447

Sections I, IV, VIII (steam, hot water, refrigeration, gas, air threaded, flanged); all sizes
  • Consolidated
  • Farris
  • Kunkle
  • Crosby
  • Lonergan
  • Watts
  • Spence
  • Conbraco, etc.
Other Valves

  • gate, globe & check valves - all types, sizes & materials
  • stop & check non-return boiler header valves
  • process & HVAC pneumatic & motorized control valves (all applications)
  • circuit balancing valves, all types
  • triple duty valves, plug valves for gas service, ball valves
  • by-passes, warm up lines, double block & bleed
  • domestic hot water tank T & P valves
  • steam pilot operated and hot & cold water PRV's
  • temperature regulators
  • strainers of all kinds: Y-type, basket, duplex, simplex, suction guides
  • butterfly valves, all sizes, lever, G.O., actuated
  • wafer check valves, silent, flanged
  • steam traps
  • valve automation
  • sprinkler ULC/FM approved
  • custom fabrication: spools, stem extensions, flange spacers
  • blowdown valves: Everlasting, Yarway, Rockwell
  • we specialize in hard to find items
We offer a "rebuilt exchange program." Ask for details.
We buy used valves.